As a top rated company we care for each customer. 

At Raleigh Renovations and Flooring we focus on interior flooring and remodeling/renovations. We are a 4.8 star company and a licensed General Contracting company. Each customer is treated as if they were the only customer we have, whether they are spending $50,000 or $2,000. 

Its easy to write something on a website but the real test is what our customers think, we don't push people to leave reviews but still we have over 40 5 star customer reviews and only 2 negative (which neither one was from a customer). We can truly say that our initial, and ongoing, goal has been reached which is to be one of the most trustworthy home improvement services around. We have gone above and beyond to make customers happy and do good work for every customer whether big or small. 


Flooring, Remodeling, Hardwood Refinishing, Kitchen Remodeling, and Bathroom Remodeling