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We install most all types of hard surface flooring. If you are unsure which flooring type you need or want, read below or give us a call at 919-728-1964



Hardwood is a great choice for a warm and cozy home. Solid hardwood can be refinished multiple times, this makes it a great long term flooring. The down sides are: high material and labor prices, susceptible to water and moisture, many hardwoods are prone to scratches compared to LVP or some laminates. 



LVP or Luxury Vinyl Planks are water proof, scratch and dent resistant. They also have a low install cost. 

Some cons of LVP are: some home owners think they look cheap or like plastic (even though this type of flooring is in many high end homes). A decent LVP can be had for $3.5 sq ft for material and $1.70 for installation.



Laminate flooring is a great option for click lock flooring if you are going for looks. Laminate can look closer to hardwood than LVP but still has a low installation cost.

Some cons are: Most laminates are susceptible to water damage and scratch easier than most LVP floors. Water proof laminate flooring such as Pergo can be a good option for a rich look while also getting good protection from scratches and water damage. 

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