At Raleigh Renovations & Flooring we want the process to go as easily as possible. We understand that many customers do not understand many common things associated with estimates and flooring in general. Below is some information that helps you understand what you are getting when you hire us. 


Only installing the flooring itself is included in the listed price per sq ft. Not removing any existing flooring or any material costs. 


Only items that are explicitly written in the estimate are included in the price.

Occasionally a home owner may expect something to be included in the price or estimate that is not actually written in the estimate. This can happen for many reasons including an error on our part, an error on the customers part, or just a misunderstanding.

That is why it is so important to double check that everything is listed as you expect to fully complete your project. This ensures you are not disappointed due to something not being included that you thought would be or should be. If there is anything unclear please just ask us to clarify the estimate in writing.

MATERIALS:  Materials are not included unless otherwise stated. If we are doing "extra work", receipts will normally be added up at the end of the job. 

Material pick up fee: If we need to go get materials it is $35 minimum for a normal store visit, $70 minimum if a trailer is required, this is for each trip to the store (customer may opt to get the materials if they please). If there is something we forget at the store, there is no charge.

Extra materials (returns):

We normally buy extra materials so we don't have to go back to the store, if materials are left over we charge minimum of $45 for returns. You may keep any materials you like and return them yourself or keep them.

CANCELING/RESCHEDULING: If we have a date set to start, and we need to delay the job for any reason of the customer (and we are within 2 weeks of scheduled date), including material delays, there is a charge to reschedule or cancel the job. This can be up to $200 per day for the number of days the job was scheduled, this goes up to 15% of the total job. This is because we (and our employees) loose work days and money when customers decide to cancel the job at the last minute. If there are extenuating circumstances that can be proven, or I can schedule another job in your place, then we will waive part or all of the fees.